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Automatic photo management

« Don’t waste time dealing with your photos anymore »

Kitview allows you to shoot photos with one or several cameras, smartphones or tablets.
They will be sent instantly on your computer, full screen and be attached to the proper patient folder.

Photos can be shot randomly or following specific and customized protocols.


Centralization of documents 

« Everything in the same place »

In addition to photos, Kitview can also handdle every kind of files such as videos, xray scans, Word, Excel, PDF, STL files, etc… .

Their acquisition can be done from Kitview,  from gateways with the other imaging softwares or even directly from your Windows folders, emails, with a simple clic and drop.

kitview centralized all documents
kitview organised all documents


« Retrieve everything in a single clic »

Using customized key words, all of your files can be tagged in order to retrieve them more easily. They can be organised by categories such as : Types of data, Types of photos, etc… .


« Organize once, use it for a lifetime »

 Filling in your forms in Kitivew will allow you to create a strong base of usable data, to make multi criteria searches.

Every clinical form can be computerized into Kitview. They are created according to your specialty with boxes to tick, muliple choices or free text boxes and can be filled in quicly in the proper patient folder.

Informed consent and medical questionnaires can be filled in directly on the tablet by the patient then sent into their own patient folder.

Purpose ? Retrieve very specific cases for similar patients you need to motivate, for a presentation, but also to run your own statistics. All of this with no paper used.

kitview classify all documents


« Better communication with your patients »

With a proper organized Library, easily retrieve your cases or your photos.

On one or more screens, you can present your treatment plans, evolutions, using all the features Kitview gives you without worrying about patient confidentiality.

You can also generate automatic letters in one clic and then print them or send them by email. Very useful at the end of the treatment for instance.

Kitview communicate all documents


« Simplify your business exchanges »

From the Web portal, all your callers can access their data without impacting your activity.

Your letters and photo sequences can be automatically generated from Kitview.

And that goes the same for your powerpoint presentations. Stop burning the midnight oil trying to prepare them. Using the simplified searches, you can retrieve the cases you want, their photos, and in one clic, automatically generate a powerpoint document.