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Who are we ?

Kitview is a solution of the Orqual group which, for more than 17 years, works for the complete digitization of dental practices.

Our history

In 1999, Gérard Guillerm, IT Engineer, founded Orthalis, business software for orthodontics which has become in a few years, the main actor on the dental market.
The relationship we maintain with our clients and the constant developments of Orthalis have opened our eyes on a major and daily issue : Photo acquisition, photo management and overall, every digital data a practice can deal with.

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Managed all peripherals

As technology constantly evolves, the number of peripherals is growing : Cameras, Xray scanners, videos, smartphones and now 3D scanners. Those machines make the acquisition harder and so is the data management. From this observation came an idea :

Give our clients a complementary solution, independant of Orthalis and allowing them to automate the importation, the treatment but also to use those data with higher efficency.
That is how Kitview was born. Since then, Kitview is in constant evolution to help practitioners on a daily basis. (Intraoral cameras, web portal, Smartphone apps).

For that matter, we have developped a major and brand new technology : The direct importation of photos through WIFI.  Every single data within the practice (scans, photos, documents) will be centralized and indexed automatically so it can be retrieved more easily. Originally created for orthodontists, Kitview now reaches the needs of many practiciers whether they are implantologist, perio or from general dentistry and overall, for any health sector using photos such as aesthetics or dermatology.

Kitview aggregator of photos, documents, X-Ray, videos
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Since 2017, the amount of international demands has been constantly growing and in 2018, Kitview started actively is international development by launching the software in the US, UK and Switzerland. More countries are being planned.

Software, this is our job

software is our passion

With an IT director and a 5-developer team, software are a passion before a job.
We have created every single software we propose.

A company close to you

company close to you

Every day we observe, and learn form our clients. This is how we were born and how we grow up : Giving solutions that answer a real need.

A cool team

cool team

More than a company, Kitview is a team before everything else.
Fast technical support, available hotline, and a national coverage.
Every single member of the team is here to give you the best.

Our business : Turn yours easy

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