Control Kitview from your smartphone

Kitview’s smartphone app not only allows you to take photos imported directly into Kitview, but also to control your software from your smartphone.

Record your sent voice notes in Kitview or scan documents for your patient files.

Stream photos to screen via ChromeCast™ and show the progress of processing by comparing photos, all of that for free.

With Kitview application 

You can

Take photos

Take photos of your patients through the use of scenarios or in free mode. You no longer need bulky cameras: use your smartphone, edit them and export them to your Kitview patient files.

Scan documents

No need for a bulky scanner: when a patient brings you a document to scan or when you receive a letter from a correspondent, scan it and save it in pdf or jpg format.

Manage your photos

With a simple handling, control your views and the different photos with your smartphone or tablet and show them to your patients without even having to log into Kitview.


Show the progress of your patients treatment, easily compare several photos between different appointments so that your patients can see the real progress thanks to the before / after comparison.

Create a voice memo

Read out your letters to be transcribe by your assistant directly on your smartphone, create your voice memos, reminders and any other sound extract that you will archive directly in the Kitview patient file.

Present to TV

Connect your smartphone or tablet to an external TV screen using Chromecast™ for a better interaction with your patients, present the progress of treatment and other similar cases treated previously.

Main features

The only complete application for the practitioner at the same price: 0 €


Use your smartphone’s camera and export your images directly to Kitview.


Choose a scenario and automate the tagging of your photos with your defined keywords.

Barcodes Scanner

Scan barcodes to ensure traceability of your medical equipment.


Scan any type of document, it is automatically detected and integrated into the patient file.

Media library

Simply manage all of the photos in your Kitview media library.

Pics Comparaison

Compare 2 photos to track your patient’s progress and show him the progress of the treatment plan.

Voice memo

Record your messages, archive them in the patient file, communicate these messages to write the mail later.

Kitview Chromecast

Use your smartphone as a remote control to control an external TV screen and present the photos to your patient.

Download the application

All the features are available on iOS, the Android version is under development and currently offers limited features.