IT company

Become a Kitview Free Starter

The Kitview Free Starter is a certified specialist who can be put in contact with practitioners wishing to install Kitview Free in their office.

The role of the Starter is to help practitioners to install, set up and use Kitview Free. He is free to set the prices he wants for his services.

The Starter / practitioner connection is done directly on the Kitview Matching platform.

You are :

Computer maintenance

For professional customers, you ensure the maintenance of their IT equipment (server, terminals, peripherals), etc.

IT solutions seller

You sell IT solutions to professionals and you can also provide maintenance.

IT consultants

You advise clients on the IT solutions to adopt to increase their productivity, for example.

Why become a Kitview Starter ?


to expand your service catalog by offering the installation of innovative software that will save your customers time in managing their photos ;


to increase your income with your customers not only by installing Kitview Free, but also by earning a commission if the customer switches to the paid option after their trial offer ;


to offer your services to new clients with high revenue potential ;


to be able to increase your income thanks to new prospects.

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