The dental field

“Don’t waste any more time managing your photos manually”

The benefits of dental photography

Complementary to imaging, photography is a real aid to the quality of clinical monitoring.

1 - Diagnostic

2 - Medical and
legal aspects

3 - Presentation and


Pre-treatment (patient’s initial case) / During treatment (surgery & case follow-up) / Post-treatment (outcome).

An optimised photo database

Photography is essential! Many people know that… But we also know that it involves tedious handling and organisational work that we could do without. We recognised this more than 15 years ago.

That’s why we created Kitview. The solution that streamlines the acquisition, organisation and retrieval of clinical data and cases.

Wifi photo acquisition

Your photos are automatically imported into the correct patient file, from your camera or smartphone, into the Kitview media library, which is linked to your management software.

Or in the form of customised predefined protocols
Examples of cases:

  • Initial cases
  • Orthodontic cases
  • Aesthetic cases
  • Etc

Or on the fly, case by case
Examples of cases:

  • General practice
  • Surgery
  • Prosthetics exchanges
  • Etc

Find your photos easily

Templates – 100% customisable and made to measure!

Templates can be used to tag photos and other files, simply by dragging and dropping, in order to search by category of item (Types of photos – types of files) for a patient or for the entire database.

Simply find your patients

Kitview forms are 100% customisable and made to measure!

“Inform once, find again for life”.

Kitview forms can be used to enter clinical comments, which can be generated, archived and shared with patients and correspondents.

With multi-criteria searches from your clinical histories, find all your cases easily! (similar cases, conferences, statistics…)

Types of research

  • Type of profile (gender, age, diagnosis, assessment) 
  • Type of treatment 
  • Type of material
  • Result

Ex types of forms :

  • Diagnosis 
  • Surgical report 
  • Charting paro 
  • Aesthetic assessment 

Presenting simply and effectively

Kitview has various tools for presenting and comparing your photos, on one or more screens, with one or more views, statically or dynamically!

Photo plates can also be generated to be given to patients or exchanged with correspondents.

Our DNA in dentistry

Kitview was born in 2005, in the field of Orthodontics. The image management needs of the entire dental profession have continued to evolve, leading us to adapt the solution to all dental sectors over time.

Kitview can be customised to suit the needs of every practitioner!